22 Jan 2016

Newsletter – January 2016

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Dear All

A huge thank you to all the parents who took advantage of the summer vacation care. What a hoot! Giant water slides, laser guns and uninhabited islands… it was a summer of adventure. The giant wave water slide, kayaking and beach day were the definite highlights and activities we’ll definitely do again next hols.

There was a fantastic mix of our regular children and new kindies. It was great to see them all getting along, we even had children attend from Narrabeen! Word is obviously getting out that we provide a service that children enjoy. Numbers were not as high as I would have liked, but that didn’t dent the staff team’s enthusiasm and there we’re plenty of laughs and memorable moments.

We’re now just days away from Day 1 of Term 1 and it’s already looking like we’ll be busy. If you haven’t already booked in please do so as soon as you can to avoid disappointment and those high pitched whiney voices that only children seem able to master.

Wow Events will be back on the program and should be starting in Week 4 of Term 1.

Looking forward to seeing you all at The Kids Castle – where fun comes to play.

Update from the Committee

Some of you may recall that in early 2015 there had been an on-going discussion about the operating model of The Kids Castle (TKC).  Some parents attended the P&C meetings where this was discussed.  Operating model options included continuing with the current (not for profit) model or going out to tender on the OOSH services.

TKC operates for the benefit of the community, the parents and children of CCPS.  It has always operated as a not for profit organisation and aims to return all investments and fees received from the service back to the children (directly and indirectly).

In early March of last year, the Committee developed and presented to the school a Business Plan (the ‘2015 Business Plan’) that outlined the financial contribution that TKC would provide to the school.  The financial contribution would be in lieu of any rental payments and would be comprised of monies from the centre’s cash reserves and from the 2015 operating profits.  The school accepted the 2015 Business Plan and TKC continued to operate unchanged.   The Committee advised you of this in late March.

The Committee is pleased to advise that we met our 2015 Business Plan, and by the end of Term 4, TKC had provided $93,000 to the school.  This money went directly to the school and will be used to fund programs such as teaching resources, computer equipment and other much needed educational resources.  The money will benefit the entire school community and most importantly, our children.

Throughout 2015, the Committee was in discussion with the school to formalise the centre’s operational relationship with the school.  The position of the school was that as TKC parents, we are provided with a service.  We pay for our children to attend the Centre and consequently receive the benefit of its services.  The school wanted the wider school community to benefit from TKC and this would be achieved by TKC providing financial contributions to the school.

As a result, in December 2015, TKC and the school signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  This MOU provides the framework by which the TKC and the school will continue to operate and by which TKC will provide financial contributions to the school.   The financial contributions will be calculated each year and will be based on the financial position of the centre and are in lieu of rent.   For 2016, our planned financial contribution to the school is $82,700.

In line with the parent sentiment from earlier last year, the Committee does not support outsourcing the before and after school and vacation care services to a private operator.  This is because we value the provision of quality staff, nutritious food, a stimulating and changing program of activities and being able to tailor the services to meet the needs of our children.

Therefore, the Committee developed and signed the MOU so that TKC could continue to operate as a not for profit enterprise and be managed by a PMC.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the centre will be held on Wednesday, 23 March at 7pm and all Committee positions will be open for nominations.    More correspondence will be released shortly on the AGM, however, if you have any questions, please reach out to any existing Committee members (Sonal Bhalla, Cecilia Crosby, Nick Dandy, Sarah Dandy, David Gee, Leisa Healy, Ben Pearce or Megan Wood) or our Director, Roy Faulkner.