20 Feb 2017

Asthma Plans and 4,5,6 Club House Information

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Sorry to nag, but no matter how mild your child’s asthma is, we are required to have an ‘asthma plan’ from your GP. If you haven’t already done so, can you please supply the Centre with one as soon as you can.

On a lighter note, we are in the process of outfitting our backroom as the ‘4,5,6 Club House’, a place where the senior years can hangout, and take on board the responsibility of keeping it clean and tidy. What would be really great is if there’s any one out there with a two-seater lounge, and or colourful cushions that need a new home, we have just the spot.


Roy Faulkner M.A, M.Sc Soc, Pg.Dip Soc Ed, B.Sc (hons)


Castle Cove Public School Crn Rosebridge Avenue & Kendall Road Castle Cove, NSW 2069

Ph: 02 9417 7183