02 Feb 2017

Late and Non-Notification Fees

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to a bright and shiny Term 1, 2017.  I have to say that the Team and I are very excited about the new program, and meeting the new Kindy Children. It’s going to be a great term.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind all families new and current of a couple of important points outlined in A-6: FEES Policy and A-8  Dropping Off and Picking Up Policy.

A ‘Late Pickup Fee’ as set by Management, and visible in the fee schedule, will be charged when any parent or authorized person collects their children after the Centre’s closing time

A ‘Non-notification Fee’ as set by Management, and visible in the fee schedule, is chargeable if: the Centre is not notified of absence before the commencement of a permanent or casual booking (the session fee will still be charged), or attendance at a session without a booking being made.

When we cannot find a child, that child is deemed missing and we immediately employ our missing child procedure as outlined in policy A-9. This involves staff conducting a search of the school grounds and continued attempts to contact a parent or other authorized nominee.

It is stressful and takes members of staff ‘out of program’ which impacts on the other children. As you can imagine, it is somewhat frustrating to go through that process and stress only to find out that, there was no emergency, but that someone forgot to notify us of an absence.

So please spare a thought for Anna, the staff team and me, and notify us by email of any absences or changes to bookings asap.

Ta muchly