09 Mar 2017

Absence Notification

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Dear Parents and Carers

At the start of the term I sent out an email outlining the Centre’s policy regarding non-notification of absence. If we are not notified of a child’s absence before the start of the session for which they are booked in, we instigate our missing child protocols.
This involves searching the entire school, attempting to contact parents or other nominated persons, and ultimately, if we cannot contact you, calling the Police. Why? We have to assume that the child is actually missing, and such an unfortunate instance is time critical.

I think you’d agree, it is one of the worst feelings when one cannot find a child. So please, take two minutes to send us an email letting us know that your child will not be coming to the Castle – you’ll also be stopping me from going grey before my time.

Thank you

Roy Faulkner M.A, M.Sc Soc, Pg.Dip Soc Ed, B.Sc (hons)
Castle Cove Public School
Crn Rosebridge Avenue & Kendall Road
Castle Cove, NSW 2069
Ph: 02 9417 7183