17 Apr 2018

Staff Departure

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Dear TKC Family,

Last Friday (13/4) marked my last shift at The Kid’s Castle. To all the parents and kids who I didn’t get to personally inform (most of you), I am briefly writing here as a way of saying thank you and goodbye. I apologise for the sudden departure. I had been slowly winding down my shifts, on the hunt for a job more closely related to my study in secondary teaching, and secretly finding it extremely difficult to process the idea of permanently leaving TKC. I also didn’t think it fair to receive two farewells from the same place!

I have been at TKC since February 2014 and have loved every minute of my 4 years. From the fresh out of high school 18-year-old to the (I guess slightly more mature?) 22-year-old you see this year, I can thank my experiences and relationships at TKC for many aspects in my own personal development. My desire to be a teacher was both created and enhanced at TKC, and perhaps I’ll see some of you in my English classes in years to come. ‘Hugger’ unfortunately won’t suffice, it’ll have to be Mr Fisher!

I will miss showing off my monkey bar skills, the endless requests for hockey in the morning, ‘contested catches’ in the afternoon, and improvised golf around the playground. I’m sure many of the parents and kids won’t, however, miss my choice in music! Most of all though, I’ll miss the smiles of the kids, their creativity, laughter and enthusiasm for life, and the conversations and relationships I’ve built with many wonderful and caring parents. TKC wouldn’t be the same without its incredible parent base. Also, if any parents wish to stay in touch or follow my progress, I’m more than happy to accept Facebook friend requests.

It has been a pleasure working at TKC over the years. To be honest, it really hasn’t felt like work at all. It has been my home for 4 years, and it is truly with a heavy heart that I say goodbye, and hello to the next exciting chapter in my life. I have recently accepted a role at Riverview in their Year 7 and 8 boarding houses as a Master on Duty, starting Term 2. I will still be around the school occasionally, so hopefully I can bump into a few of you.

Until then,